Loyalty Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

UEC Theatres Loyalty Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

  1. The United Entertainment Corp. Loyalty Rewards Program ("PROGRAM"), Loyalty Rewards Card ("CARD"), Loyalty Rewards Membership Agreement ("AGREEMENT"), Rewards ("REWARDS"), and all related and/or associated elements and aspects of the PROGRAM are the property of United Entertainment Corp.
  2. The CARD is not a debit, credit or billing card.
  3. The CARD is non-transferable and must be returned to United Entertainment Corp. upon request.
  4. Registration for the PROGRAM and/or use of the CARD constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions of the PROGRAM, as amended from time to time, including without limitation, all terms and conditions of the AGREEMENT.
  5. United Entertainment Corp., from time to time, may change the PROGRAM rules, regulations benefits, terms of the AGREEMENT, conditions of participation and/or credit levels, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the credits already accumulated REWARDS and/or some or all of the benefits of the PROGRAM.
  6. United Entertainment Corp. may, at any time and without notice: (i) change or terminate the PROGRAM and/or the PROGRAM partners; (ii) withdraw, limit, modify and/or cancel any award or benefit (including, but not limited to REWARDS); (iii) increase the credits required for any award or benefit (including, but not limited to REWARDS); (iv) modify or regulate the transferability of awards or benefits (including, but not limited to REWARDS); and/or (v) add an unlimited number of blackout dates or limit the times for which any award or benefit (including, but not limited to REWARDS) may be used or applied.
  7. The daily maximum of 100 points can be earned per day for tickets and concession purchases combined. Points earned per ticket may vary by location. Points have no cash value.

    Loyalty Rewards Points will be earned on eligible purchases as follows:
    • Box Office:
      • - 8 points for each regular price Adult Ticket
      • - 6 points for each Child, Senior or Matinee Ticket
      • - 1 additional point for each 3D Ticket
      • - 2 additional points for each VIP Ticket
    • Concession Stand:
      • - 1 point for every $1 you spend on all concession purchases
      • - Points are roun8.ded off to the nearest whole dollar. Example: $3.25 would round off to $3.00 (3 Points); $3.50 rounds off to $4.00 (4 Points)
    • Exclusions:
      • - Points are not earned for the following:
        • “Re-Admission Passes”
        • “3D & 2D “Inconvenience Passes”
        • “Group Discount Passes/tickets”
        • “Loyalty Passes”
        • Birthday Parties
        • SPECIAL ENGAGEMENTS, GIFT CARD SALES, Loyalty Rewards Redemptions & Movie Studio Passes (i.e., Hollywood Movie Money or similar).
  8. Loyalty Rewards Points will be redeemed as follows:
    50 points Free Medium Fountain Drink
    100 points Free Medium Popcorn
    200 points Free Movie Ticket
    The points then repeat as above.
  9. Loyalty Rewards Points may only be earned for eligible ticket and concession stand purchases. Concession items vary by theatre.
  10. The purchase of Gift Cards are not eligible for Loyalty Rewards Points.
  11. In order to receive credit for eligible purchases, the CARD must be presented to the attendant at the box office or concession stand point of sale prior to initiation of any transaction for an eligible purchase.
  12. The PROGRAM is available at United Entertainment Corp. participating theatres. Your CARD may be used at any participating theatre. REWARDS are redeemable only at participating theatres.
  13. Current REWARDS and benefits received by STATUS members, as well as required credit levels, may be viewed at www.uecmovies.com
  14. Rewards Points will be printed on your receipt instantly at the point of sale at which the qualifying transaction takes place.
  15. REWARDS can only be used in transactions subsequent to the one in which they were qualified, issued and/or awarded. Previously effected purchases will not be refunded so that REWARDS may be used.
  16. Free ticket REWARDS are not valid for VIP Seating without purchasing an upgrade with a corresponding premium fee.
  17. REWARDS and the benefits received by members are non-transferable.
  18. Each Loyalty Rewards member is responsible for advising United Entertainment Corp. of any change of name, e-mail or postal address on his or her account. Failure to so notify may result in loss of REWARDS.
  19. United Entertainment Corp. reserves the right to reject a request to change an e-mail or postal address.
  20. United Entertainment Corp. reserves the right to audit any and all members' accounts at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with the rules set forth for the PROGRAM.
  21. United Entertainment Corp. reserves the right to disqualify any person from further participation in the Loyalty Rewards program and/or special promotions if, in United Entertainment Corp.'s sole judgment, that person has violated the conditions of the PROGRAM or in any way received credits through fraudulent means or as a result of a fraudulent transaction or ineligible purchase. Disqualification will result in termination of an individual's membership, loss of accumulated credits, the cancellation of any unused REWARDS and the forfeiture of such individual's CARD.
  22. If at any point a Member wishes to cancel their membership in the Loyalty Rewards Program, the Member must notify UEC Theatres via email at loyaltyrewards@uecmovies.com or via US Mail at PO Box 1736, St. Cloud, MN 56302.
  23. United Entertainment Corp. reserves the right to adjust member accounts (and/or revoke REWARDS previously issued, and/or benefits received by members) if credits have been award erroneously regardless of the basis or mechanism for such an award.
  24. The sale, purchase or barter of credits, REWARDS or tickets and/or CARDs violates PROGRAM rules, is illegal and subjects the violator to liability for damages and litigation and transaction costs. Violators will have their accounts terminated; all REWARDS and benefits received by members forfeited and will be subject to prosecution. Improperly obtained vouchers, tickets and/or REWARDS are VOID and will be confiscated.
  25. Enrollment in Loyalty Rewards and the PROGRAM is limited to individuals AT LEAST 13 years of age; only one individual per account. Individuals less than 13 years of age will not be issued a CARD and will not be eligible to participate in the PROGRAM.
  26. Due to any unforeseen technical failures that would prevent the earning of points or redemption of rewards, Members are not entitled to compensation. In such cases, points will not be retroactively added to accounts.
  27. Your address and email will be used solely by UEC Theatres for the purpose of sending marketing communications pertaining only to UEC Theatres. If you choose to opt-out of such communications, please notify us at opt-out@uecmovies.com

    Please view our Privacy Policy for further details.
  28. All notices regarding the Loyalty Rewards Program will be posted to the website and www.facebook.com/uectheatres and may also be communicated via email, regular mail, or at the theatre.
  29. As a Member of the Loyalty Rewards Program you agree to indemnify and hold United Entertainment Corp., UEC Theatres and its owners, partners, employees and affiliates, harmless from any claim or liability due to participation in the Loyalty Rewards Program or use of the UECTheatres website. UEC Theatres is not responsible for Member’s ability or inability to use the Loyalty Rewards Program or website.
  30. UEC Theatres is the sole owner of all content relating to the website, marketing materials and email communications for UEC Theatres and the Loyalty Rewards Program. All content cannot be reproduced or distributed without written consent from UEC Theatres.

If you would like to comment or have any suggestions about the Loyalty Rewards Program, please email us at loyaltyrewards@uecmovies.com The Loyalty Rewards Program was developed to reward our loyal customers and your opinion matters.